Making complex scientific information accessible


The NC3Rs is a national organisation dedicated to replacing, refining and reducing the use of animals in research and testing. Funded by government and the pharmaceutical sector, NC3Rs collaborates with scientists and organisations across the life sciences sector, nationally and internationally, including universities, industry, other research funders and regulatory authorities.

Bell has worked with NC3Rs since 2013 to increase the impact and accessibility of its brand communications, both on and offline. Working closely with the scientific marketing team, Bell has helped bring new energy and transparency to communicating these complex issues. Key projects to date include the prestigious bi-annual research report and both printed and digital annual reports. Our approach has been to make the information available in different ways: for example, the 2015 online interactive report includes a fully bespoke 1 page implementation, with dynamic HTML5, CSS3 animations, including, graphs, maps, infographics, photography and interactive milestones widget. All of these make it easy for audiences to engage with the information. The Research reviews have been well received by the scientific communities they serve.

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