Our experience counts

Bell provides a broad range of services, from innovation to implementation, and everything in between. We offer expertise in several sectors and transfer knowledge across sector boundaries. This is how our clients stay one step ahead of their competitors and stand out from the clutter.

Our Services

Branding & Strategy

All brand scenarios are different; hence we’re not slaves to rigid processes or methodologies, or how it’s always been done. No Brandamatic 3000™ at Bell – in short, we always strive for the most appropriate solutions for maximum brand impact. We do love a good brand story, though…

Creative & Design

To create effective solutions, we deliver cut-through creative and design that connects with the right people, in the right way, at the right time. We champion touch points and triggers, conversations and relationships, and the interdependence of brand and communications.

Campaigns & Content

By driving engagement with customers and other stakeholders, we raise awareness, stimulate and transform customer behaviour and create emotional connections through creating impactful and memorable brand experiences, and content that resonates.

Digital Marketing

Even if you are not, we are super digital savvy. Through our digital division, we provide world-renowned digital marketing expertise that is embedded into our branding, creative and campaign delivery.

Our Industry Experience

We have worked for numerous organisations for nearly 50 years. This has given us deep industry experience in the following sectors:

Property & Place Branding

From new places to residential spaces, from commercial to retail, from private sale to Shared Ownership, and more.

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We have worked with multiple higher and further education institutions, with GSCE- and A-Level teachers, educational charities, and more. 

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Public Sector

Bell has nearly 50 years of public sector experience. We are a listed supplier on the UK Government’s Communications Marketplace.

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Health & Life Science

We work for research bodies, healthcare providers and for promoting wellbeing. We like technical and scientific too.

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Finance & Professional Services

Finance & Professional Services

When Bell began, we worked exclusively for financial services clients. We’ve since spread our wings but still provide expertise in this sector.

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E-commerce & Retail

Whether it is developing a new retail brand identity, being social, or just moving more products online, Bell can deliver for retailers.

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