Helping ensure the correct application of a key brand element

ICAEW – Brand guidelines video

When the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) modernised their iconic "Economia" device, which dates back to the nineteenth century, it became centrepiece of a large brand refresh. It's key feature was a red 'divider' device held by Economia, and how it related to all elements, such as headlines, text and images, became vital. The accompanying new brand guidelines provided thorough instructions for the use of the divider device, however in the twelve months after launch, ICAEW’s brand team found that both internal and external stakeholders were finding the divider was often being used incorrectly, both graphically and ‘in meaning’. Bell were commissioned to produce a video to help overcome this confusion.

Our response

Using multiple brand execution examples from the guidelines in question, we wrote a detailed script which developed an overall narrative of the meaning of the divider device and connected it to different creative expressions of the ICAEW brand, and why it was an integral part of it. Our hero was the divider itself, which we used as the consistent connecting device, on every frame, changing shape and size but remaining in shot. We then produced a storyboard and delivered a three-minute animated video.

What our client thought

Our client reported that incidences of visual brand misuse and misrepresentation dramatically decreased after they circulated our video to all relevant parties.