Demystifying the student employment system

University of Reading

The University of Reading introduced a new centralised part-time student jobs service for the 2017/18 academic year. Its aim is to recruit student workers across the University’s numerous services, admin and academic departments, while streamlining the overall HR system. By standardising and simplifying the way students are employed on campus, students and employers will for the first time have a flexible, time saving, one-stop shop for campus jobs.

Bell developed a new visual identity and brand, based around the proposition: “Campus Jobs work for you”. Our logo highlighted the robust, connected nature of the process, and the colour palette and patterns helped provide impact, flexibility, and consistency. In addition to developing many elements, our guidelines would assist the University’s in-house studio in developing further applications. In the first four weeks of the campaign, the Campus Jobs desk had 1,791 total visits and the website had 3,889 individual students login. That’s 1 in 5 of the entire student body. Demand so outstripped supply that less than a month after launch, they ceased promoting it, as all vacancies had been filled.

What the students thought

“Bringing everything together in one place ends the laborious days of hunting around various websites and bar windows for a job and instead makes work easily accessible and open to everyone. Campus jobs utilises bold and eye-catching designs, promoting a linked up service through its intertwining logo – this has made my life as a student much easier, as now, all the work I want to apply for is in the same place – as are my timesheets, saving me hours every month.”
Jack Abrey
Student Ambassador Team Leader and 3rd year student

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