Bringing creative innovation back home

Forward Swindon

Once a booming Victorian industrial town, known for creative engineering innovations and for being home of the forerunner to the NHS, Swindon’s reputation has suffered greatly since the Second World War. Swindon Borough Council recently commenced an ambitious regeneration plan for entire town. At its heart is the Railway Heritage Quarter, made famous by Brunel and Gough’s Great Western Railway in the 19th century. This area will offer a fresh take on regeneration, with historic buildings (with multiple uses) sitting alongside numerous cultural destinations such as the National Trust, Historic England and STEAM Museum.


Our response

Bell developed a new place brand including guidelines for the entire area – Great Western Works (GWW), as well as initial collateral and a landing page. Utilising these guidelines, we proceeded to work on Carriage Works, a sub-brand for the tech and innovation business hub within GWW. The umbrella brand and sub brand worked seamlessly together, setting the tone for numerous future GWW sub-brands to come during the regeneration programme. For Carriage Works, we have to date produced leasing collateral, with further deliverables to come.

What our client thought

“From the outset Bell demonstrated they were a cut above the competition. At interview we were bowled over by their passion, enthusiasm and ability to articulate our objectives for the project. I am pleased to say the Bell team followed through with the same level of passion and did everything they could to deliver, often to very tight timescales and with limited information. The Great Western Works brand is absolutely superb and sets the level of ambition we have for the Carriage Works regeneration. One key stakeholder, an influential local business leader, remarked that it is the best brand of its kind he has seen. This is a positive reflection on the team who are so committed and engaged with what we are trying to achieve in Swindon.”

Paul Chamberlain, Director of New Partnerships, Forward Swindon