Creating a Shared Ownership brand within an overarching development


As Shared Ownership in London grows, so has the number of single development site partnerships, with one developer taking on the Shared Ownership provision. This has caused numerous problems with branding and promoting the Shared Ownership properties, as the overarching development brand always takes precedence (especially so when the provider of Shared Ownership homes is a housing association). It was in this circumstance that Optivo (now Southern Homes) commissioned Bell to develop a brand, campaign and marketing materials for the shared ownership part of Langley Park, a new CALA Homes development in South London.

Our response

Due to its location, and the sense of high-quality urban living and green open spaces that the development evoked, we began with developing a versatile brand based on the proposition “Start your journey in tranquillity and style”. We settled upon the name Beck Gardens at Langley Park (short form Beck Gardens). “Beck” reflecting the Beck River which flows to the west of the development. We chose to include the CALA Homes development name to benefit from their marketing and so that our marketing (especially on site) would work in harmony with the overall development brand.

Our logo features a large B made up of flowing lines that related to the river. It was supported by a striking background pattern which was a close up of a feather, presented in abstract to simulate ‘flow’ and ‘motion’’ – a subtle hint to the Beck River too. The colour palette was earthy, dominated by greens and yellows emphasising the outdoors. We produced a host brochure, floor plans brochures and five comprehensive CGIs covering the bedroom, bathroom, living room and two building exteriors. Even though in a different brand style, our outdoor totem signage on site worked well in the company of CALA Homes signs. We have also produced a wide range of ads for social (feed and Stories), as well as HTML email and video.