Bell has recently completed a rebrand of the well-known Harley Street Area. The new brand reflects the pioneering and world-leading area that is Harley Street, showcasing not only its connection to medical excellence and innovation, but also its reputation as a vibrant and exciting place to live, work and visit.

Harley Street Area Partnership

The aim of the Harley Street Area Partnership (HSAP) is to become a business improvement district (BID), the first in a predominantly medical area in the UK. With a BID, an area’s businesses focus on sourcing local funding and investment to improve and enhance the commercial areas of the district, supporting each other and the area as a whole in order to increase the vibrancy and vitality of a district.

Although best known for its medical practices, the HSAP wanted to move beyond – while still recognising the importance of the medical sector, the objective was to promote the area as a place to do business regardless of activity or sector, and also as a desirable place to visit.

Developing the new brand

Bell supported Harley Street on the development of the new brand, visual identity and website. The stacked logo was developed using a modern, sans serif upper case typeface, in a style similar to London street signs, with a similar border. The “A” in Harley and “T” in street sat vertically when the words were stacked, and red letters were used to contrast with blue so the overall device tricks you into reading it as “AT HARLEY STREET”.

The key message was “Connected by purpose. Driven by life”, which subtly brings the medical heritage and innovation in whilst highlighting the essence of a BID, which is businesses working together with the common goal of improving an area. These themes were highlighted on their new website and in collateral applications.

Check the full case study here.