Communicating specialist opportunities

QA – Northumbria University, London campus

QA Higher Education works with multiple partner institutions to provide degrees in specialist subjects, at off-site campuses. One of their partner institutions is the Northumbria University (Newcastle), with whom they provide an MSc in Cyber Security in London. This degree is highly vocational, and aimed at both people already working in the field, and people with an interest in changing their careers. Bell was briefed to produce a recruitment video for this course.

Our response

As this degree is ‘by the experts, for future experts’, as well as being flexible (attendance is part time on Saturdays), we conceived a testimonial approach with on camera interviews with both current MSc students and alumni, who had taken the next step in their careers thanks to this degree. We produced a suite of videos, both with standalone interviewees, and composites, based on the concept “Secure your future”, which were used on their website, in specific direct recruitment activities such as events, as well as social media and digital advertising.