Humanising a science-first brand

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is responsible for food safety policy, regulation and enforcement across the UK. They work with businesses through local authorities, to help them produce safe food, and to enforce food safety regulations. The FSA wanted to change their approach to consumers and the way they were seen by the industry.

Bell were commissioned to develop their brand in line with their new 2015-2020 strategy. The key thrust was to bring in a much-needed human element. We produced new brand guidelines covering a clear brand architecture, graphics, photography, tone-of-voice and style in line with their new brand positioning, as well as additional social media guidelines. We also created versatile and fit-for-purpose design elements to make the brand work effectively for the wide-ranging needs of their different audiences, food safety experts, employees and consumers, including new styles of infographic. The human element was incorporated where appropriate, strikingly illustrated by key sector photography organised and undertaken by Bell. Most importantly, the guidelines showed how to incorporate the key pillars of the FSA brand and mission across all touchpoints.

ClientFood Standards AgencyServicesGuidelines, Photography, Art Direction, Design, Digital, Strategy Report, Infographics