Supporting teachers by getting practical

AQA – A-Level Science

Class time allocated to practical experimentation in A-Level science has been slowly reducing over recent decades, leaving theory as the primary classroom activity. This has resulted in many students strong in theory being unprepared for science at undergraduate level. As the need for STEM graduates continues to grow, a new A-Level curriculum was introduced in 2017/18 with far more practical experimentation. However, many teachers, especially younger ones, were not accustomed to so much practical teaching. AQA briefed Bell to develop a campaign to reassure AQA’s A-Level Science teachers that they will be supported during this period of change.

Our response

Bell developed a creative concept based upon one of the key fundamentals of science, by positioning the new curriculum as providing an opportunity to teach science ‘as it was meant to be taught’, fully supported by AQA who are “Putting the practical back into science”. Secondary messaging focused on the actual support provided by AQA to help teachers make the transition with confidence. From this basis, we produced a scalable advertising concept and toolkit, which we provided to AQA’s inhouse studio