Conveying the environmental benefits of buying a new home

FABRICA - Energy Saving Campaign

In the past years, the energy prices soared to record levels at great speed, causing economic strain and stress and playing a large part in the cost-of-living crisis and its knock-on effects. These crises caused people to look for ways to economise.

One tangible difference was the far lower energy bills for living in an energy-efficient dwelling. Due to far lower energy usage, not only were they demonstrably less expensive, but also by having lower carbon emissions, these homeowners are doing far more for the environment. Newly built homes use far less energy, and that is especially true of FABRICA homes. Bell was commissioned to produce a campaign promoting the resultant savings and benefits of their energy-efficient homes, whilst also raising awareness overall of FABRICA.

Our response

We developed a campaign theme called “Be Energy Smarter” and expanded that into a campaign led by video. The key points were highlighted through a stylish people-focussed animation style in line with the design-led ethos and pride in every detail FABRICA is renowned for. We highlighted the actual savings on average per year compared to an older dwelling with data taken from the 2023 HBE Report, as well as the respective carbon emission reduction. Features specific to all new FABRICA homes were also featured, including low-carbon technologies, excellent insulation, high-performance glazing and A or B EPC ratings.

The essential benefit that empowered people to “Be Energy Smarter” was “better for you, better for the planet”. We delivered the main campaign video, 30-second cut-downs to promote individual developments on social media, a landing page, HTML5 display ads, website banners and social media animations for Instagram and Facebook.


At the time of writing, the social media advertisements had over 33,000 views.