Making detailed global traffic data simple, accessible and useable

Daily Mail

Capturing complex streams of data is one thing. Making sense of it, and making it clear, accessible and usable for stakeholders and the public is another thing entirely. The Daily Mail and General Trust wanted to give staff and visitors to Daily Mail offices at-a-glance insights of key trending topics and behaviour on, in order to generate conversation, build understanding and possibly even inform editorial decisions. In essence, the system was intended as a public relations tool; a visual centrepiece befitting Northcliffe House.

Bell were commissioned to develop a dashboard for display, which was also used in other affiliated buildings throughout the world. After producing the information architecture, we designed and developed the dashboard itself. It created a huge buzz, generating information about the number of online users on various Daily Mail media platforms at any time in any place throughout the world. Presenting information in a format that was at once accessible and understandable, the dashboard positioned the Daily Mail at the forefront of digital innovation and data presentation in the global media industry.

ClientDaily MailServicesIA, Design, Development